Alliance Tech ®

Pulmonary Filters


Allied Healthcare ®

Chemetron, Mistogen, Timeter, Gomco, Schuco

Ambu ®

Resucitators, Peep Valves, HME/Filter Products

Amvex ®

Regulators, Hoses, and Fittings for Medical Gases

Argentum Medical, LLC ®

Silverlon™ Silver Dressings Burn,Wound,and Surgical

Biomed Devices ®

Circuits & Blenders

Casters & Wheels

Colson ®, Albion ®, Sheperd ®, Medcasters ®, & Others

I.V. League ®

I.V. Poles and Equipment Stands

King Systems ®

Anesthesia Circuits and HME/Filter Products

Maxtec ®

Oxygen Monitors, Sensors, & Cells

MediComp ®

Neonatal CPAP, Swivel Adapters, and Filters

Merlyn Medical ®

Endotracheal Tubes, Endomask, & Fluid Warmers

Monaghan ®

Aerochambers®, Aeroeclipse®, & Truzone®

Nonin Medical, Inc. ®

Pulse Oximeters, Blood Pressure devices & accessories.

Ohio Medical Corporation ®

Oxygen Analyzers and Replacement Fuel Cells

MSA/Catalyst ®, Suction Regulators, MedGas Pipeline

Percussionaire ®

IPV and VDR units for homecare and hospitals

Precision Medical ®

Flow meters, Neb Compressors, and Gas Fittings

Responsive Respiratory ®

Oxygen Regulators and Cylinder Carts

Rusch ®

Tubes, Catheters, Blades, and  Airway Products

Salter Labs ®

Cannulas, Masks, Nebulizers, & CO2 Monitoring

SDI Diagnostics ®

Spirometers, PFT Filters, & Flow Sensors

SunMed ®

Laryngoscope Blades, Handles, & Nerve Stimulators

USA-Manufactured Sensors & Cables

ECG, EKG, SPO2, TEMP, NIBP, Hoses, Leads, & Sensors

Ventlabs ®

Low Cost, High Quality Adult/Ped Resuscitation Bags

Vortran ®

RespirTech PRO, PercussiveTech, and IPPB

Western Enterprises ®

Regulators, Hoses, Reels, Fittings for medical gases